Launch Driving Directions

Follow the small rail yard loop back around to exit the rail yard. Turn right onto Belshaw St. and again on Highway 14, north bound. After crossing the rail road tracks turn right at the traffic lights to stay on the 14. One mile from the intersection where you just turned right, make a right turn onto Proteus Rd. A gravel shoulder will allow you to pull over on this road.
From this vantage you can see the north side of the MASP to get a new perspective from a slightly raised elevation. You can also now see the test sites which dot the Northeast side of the MASP. These test sides are mostly used for rocket engine testing by several companies on the airfield which were already described in the tour.
Continue along Proteus Rd to the stop sign. Pausing at the stop sign will give another last view of the area. Turn left at the stop sign to get back on to Highway 14.
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