Launch Driving Directions

From the main entrance, continue into the airport on Airport Blvd. Take the second right onto Kinnicutt St. Stop at the stop sign at Poole St. or continue across the street into the gravel parking lot.

The white building with a blue roof, to the left is the location of the Incotec Corporation. Incotec specializes in providing metal treatments for critical components in the aerospace, fastening and transportation industries.
The tan building to the right with the arched roof is the Stuart O Witt Event Center. When the airfield was owned by the military the building housed a pool which was used for water survival training for military pilots. The building has been repurposed and is available to host corporate and private events.

The green jet parked on the Southwest corner of the Event Center is a SAAB Draken (a TF-35XD model). The Draken is a cold war era supersonic interceptor/fighter designed to defend neutral Sweden against the threat of high altitude jet bombers from the Soviet Union. This airframe, a two seat trainer version, was acquired from the Royal Danish Air Force by the National Test Pilot School which used it as one of its primary supersonic training aircraft before retiring it and donating to the airfield.


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