Launch Driving Directions

The tour starts at the main entrance to the Mojave Air & Space Port (the MASP) on the corner of Airport Blvd. and the Mojave-Barstow Highway.

Mojave is best known as a civilian flight test center, home of the Voyager aircraft and SpaceShipOne.

Parked on the west side of the road are a F-4 and a Convair 880. F-4 Phantom II fighter jets were given a second life here in Mojave by BAE Systems. Retired F-4s were converted to fly without a pilot on board to serve as a target drone for military RADAR and missile testing. The unmanned version is painted with the orange tail and wing tips and redesignated as a QF-4.

Convair 880s were produced from 1959 to 1962 by General Dynamics. The aircraft was designed as a small and fast airliner. Due to limited sales only 65 of the aircraft were produced. The Convair 880 is perhaps most famous as the personal jet of musician Elvis Presley who bought one, which had been retired from Delta Airlines, and refinished the aircraft to include amenities such as a queen bed and gold bathroom fixtures.


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Mojave Air & Space Port - Guided Driving Tour